I am a conceptual artist focusing on the co-creation of performances, publications, situations, and installations. In bringing these forms together, it is my desire to build a unified and multivalent world with a variety of entry points: each form serves both as translation and as layering, manifesting a density of inquiry while maintaining a flexibility for new voices and information to change the story. As such I am never finished: my work often asks more questions than it answers. My hope is always that these questions will encourage audiences, over time, to live differently – not in a grand sense, but simply and enduringly.

I seek to investigate the potential of the everyday as a catalyst for intimacy. I’m captivated by the common denominators of the human experience: the things that people do always. I highlight the seemingly normal as a means of questioning its stability. I am never far from the strange: not the bizarre, but the fascinating estrangement of everyday life. Originally trained as a theater director, I still embrace aspects of Brecht’s idea of alienation: the discomfort that arises from calling attention to structure through naming or pointing. That disconnect appears most clearly for me as a rupture between ourselves, and what we do without thinking. These usually unnoticed acts serve as my primary method of production and inquiry.

A limited list of current influences includes Adrian Piper, Andrea Fraser, Vito Acconci, Frank O’Hara, Lucy Lippard, Bernd and Hilla Becher, Robert Moses vs. Jane Jacobs, and Group Material. There are many ways to read this web of names. Probably all are equally appropriate and mythologized.

I believe in performance as participation, and installation as scrutiny. If I succeed, I will become the world’s most invisible performance artist: always present, but unseen. The work, really, lies with you.

The work represented on this site is from 2010 – 2016.