New York Arts Practicum

For those out there who are (or know, or teach, or mentor) undergraduate students, just putting a word out there that applications for this summer’s New York Arts Practicum are open now through March 1st. I’m very glad to join Michael Mandiberg and his team as one of the mentors for the program. If you are an undergraduate student and you’re interested to work with me in my studio this summer, I’ll be working on the development phase for a project on telescopic space*. I think it will be fun.

This program really exemplifies one of the trickier aspects of being a public practitioner: how to engage someone else in what can often feel like (and be) a very private process of figuring things out. I’m hoping to decipher and clarify new modes of working as I navigate with my mentee what it is to be professional artist. In addition, all mentees get critiques of their own work from participating mentors, and they also get to go on an excellent and informative range of field trips. Spread the word!

* I am not totally certain what telescopic space is. Part of the work will be defining it.

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