Istanbul: Taking Site.

2013-04-20 14.55.26

Set up for Tea Will Be Served at 5533.

I’ve been in Istanbul these past days, en route between Stuttgart and home. I’m here as an artist with TAKING SITE, a collaborative program between D21 Kunstraum in Leipzig, and 5533 art space in Istanbul. The program is an ongoing exhibit that unfolds through events. All of the work made and presented to a live audience in Istanbul is streamed to Leipzig, where we’re in communication with a German audience. We had a performance of Tea Will Be Served last Saturday, and this Saturday I’ll be giving an artist’s talk on the Art of Living As Research.

In the context of site specificity, I’ve been thinking a lot about the importance and value of local knowledge, not just for the sake of physical navigation, but also for the build-up of the city as an emotional site. I don’t want to dwell too heavily on the idea of feelings-as-place. However, one of the reasons that I love cities so much is because of the forced and overlapping intimacies that they create. This informs my work heavily as I attempt to skew people away from standard interactions and towards a kind of simple depth. I am beginning to think of intimacy as a kind of place: a lightweight place not necessarily tied to a specific space, but rather to a series of moments.

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