Processing in der Schweiz

Greetings from Zurich, where I’m performing a Process Dinner this weekend at SAME(difference)_sculpture in relation (1): Eat Art! at the Kunstkammer AZB.

This Process Dinner will be unique in that all of the main materials for the meal (produce, mostly) will be coming from a large edible sculpture that will be constructed on site. I’m running several menu thoughts in my head based on what I’ve been told will be available — right now I’m thinking:

  • Couscous with eggplant, garlic and leek jam.
  • Fennel & Chinese cabbage salad with mango, red onion, parsley, and lemon.
  • Banana and carrot stir fry with onion, and both hot and sweet peppers.

The Kunstkammer is a pretty amazing space, tucked away in a former gasworks right next to the river. Glad to have a chance to explore the “off” scene here.


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