Upcoming performances (Perform Love, Perform Bureaucracy) + some housekeeping.

I have a few performances this month as part of the Brooklyn International Performance Art Festival (BIPAF). The first of these is coming up this Thursday, July 18th, at IV Soldiers. I’ve been invited to perform with the No Wave Performance Task Force, and I’ll be doing a new score that I’m calling “Perform Love.” That’s 8 – 11 PM.

Next Thursday, also 8 – 11 PM, I’ll be performing at the Panoply Performance Laboratory, again with No Wave. This time I’ll be attempting to “Perform Bureaucracy.” I’m happy to engage with any specific tasks that you may need done, so please let me know if you think of something that might fit the bureaucratic parameter.

You can also find me at Glasshouse Archiving the Now on Friday the 18th between 4 and 8:30 PM, and co-facilitating a performative debate about the future of performance with Andy Horwitz next Friday the 26th between 5:30 and 7 PM.

In other news, the Bureau of Self-Recognition book is now available for purchase directly through this site. All information on that is here.

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