A few interesting car modifications.

Turning over the internet for some design inspiration for Traffic Disruption Village, I came across a few things that I like.

For livability, the Yatoo concept is potentially expensive but relatively extensive. Designed for camping, I think it could work under a number of less planned conditions as well, as it only requires the car’s own infrastructure and capacity, rather than a consistent additional trailer or other attachment.

Mobile microwaves allow drivers to turn cars into kitchens (especially when the car is parked, as the article mentions — therefore perfect for true gridlock).

For entertainment, we’ve all seen the power (no pun intended) and visibility of The Illuminator. This is actually great as a news vehicle as well.

I am interested in designs that are lighter weight than a traditional RV; methodology that allows for disaster preparedness at a high level while not encouraging “bunker-mind.”


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