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Every day a homecoming: tell me what you need.

If I told you that every day was a homecoming, what would that mean for you? What would you need to be there in order to make it true? A smell? A particular voice? Really: I’m asking.

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Finding different kinds of truths in places.

Touristic information, which is often presented and received as a baseline definitive, is no more or less true than everyday information. Touristic information is manufactured; everyday information is lived. Either way: these are not objective measures. If information is what … Continue reading

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Read along with me! Social Works (Shannon Jackson)

Finally sitting down to read Shannon Jackson’s Social Works (long overdue!, and thanks to Maureen Connor for lending me the book). Only through the introduction but already struck by two turns of phrase appropriate to performance, and in particular to … Continue reading

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A few interesting car modifications.

Turning over the internet for some design inspiration for Traffic Disruption Village, I came across a few things that I like. For livability, the Yatoo concept is potentially expensive but relatively extensive. Designed for camping, I think it could work … Continue reading

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In honor of one of this website’s busiest days, here’s a list of the most popular search terms that lead people here (not including my name): circulatory system circulatory project amazing unlabled spices [sic.] tea will be served people at … Continue reading

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A first round of my thoughts on libraries is up over at word servents. (Text by me, image by Sarah Butler.) Next, I plan to tackle the database itself as a living thing, in preparation for a hopeful Library of … Continue reading

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I’ve joined the team of thinkers over at word servents. My first essay, Doing the Always, is about the difference between living in one’s studio vs. making work from one’s home. I do the latter, and reflect on it here. … Continue reading

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Tiravanija homage thoughts.

I am working to develop a new piece for a Rirkrit Tiravanija homage at The Glasshouse in November. This will be the first event that I’ve created to occur without my presence as either performance or facilitator. All supplies for … Continue reading

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