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Every day a homecoming: tell me what you need.

If I told you that every day was a homecoming, what would that mean for you? What would you need to be there in order to make it true? A smell? A particular voice? Really: I’m asking.

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Finding different kinds of truths in places.

Touristic information, which is often presented and received as a baseline definitive, is no more or less true than everyday information. Touristic information is manufactured; everyday information is lived. Either way: these are not objective measures. If information is what … Continue reading

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New stuff up online + INDIEGOGO

I have a new section up on this site: Text Performances. Recently I’ve been working a lot with words, both on their own terms and as catalysts for actions. The text performances thus far investigate the simplicity of prompted behavior … Continue reading

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Opening tonight! (& something completely different.)

Tonight is the opening of the Anti-Auto Show at the Contemporary Art Institute of Detroit. The show is curated by Spread Art, and features my new text-based work “A future you can touch.” You can read more about the show … Continue reading

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