Self-recognition – loosely defined as the ability to look in the mirror and recognize the reflection as you – is what separates humans from most animals. A critical survival strategy and an essential element of maturity and self-development, self-recognition protects us from the foreign and assists us in integrating the domestic. It is through self-recognition that we shape our worlds.

The Bureau of Self-Recognition is a conceptual performance and installation project designed to track the process of self-recognition and its myriad outcomes. Through individual exercises, spatial investigations, video and audio recording, lectures, and experiential performance, the Bureau brings together the clinical and the personal in a unique institutional environment.

The project, which began in October 2011 with the research series Practice of the Daily, has five phases:  Recognition of the Daily, Introduction of the Other, Public Presentations & Workshops, Full Scale Exhibit, and Web Installation. The exhibit took place at Momenta Art from May 31st – June 30th, 2013, and is now available to travel.

Manifestations of the Bureau of Self-Recognition included the Bank of Self-Recognition, a Free Consultation program, and a tea room, among other things. A complete monograph of the project was published by am i human Press in conjunction with the artist. The Bureau has its own website here.