Bank Vault (Bureau of Self-Recognition)

Inspired by Bruce Nauman’s Mapping the Studio I (Fat Chance John Cage) and the contemporary atmosphere of constant, tacitly acknowledged surveillance, Bank Vault captures the ephemeral goings on of a performance space when the performance is not present. The installation contains materials from previous performances of the Bank of the Bureau of Self-Recognition, including a 30 second promotional video with voiceover by the artist.

“Making Time” Kit

A hand screenprinted box containing all of the elements necessary to maintain a bank account with the Bureau of Self-Recognition. Contains a customized 3.5” x 5.5” Bureau of Self-Recognition Moleskine notebook for tracking deposits and withdrawals, 5 laser printed self-dollars (pre-endorsed by the Bureau), drawing materials, and a complementary Bureau of Self-Recognition pen and promotional balloon. Box dimensions: 6” x 6” x 1.25”. Edition of 25, each a signed and numbered original (also stamped and dated by the Bureau). Cost: $50. Produced with the assistance of Jessica Kaire and Ray Cross. To purchase, please contact the artist.