The Free Consultation program was designed to extend the private research work of Practice of the Daily and Everyday Interiors to outside participants. The customized sessions were designed to facilitate casual investigations into modes and definitions of self-recognition. Through 50 minute in person or Skype meetings, or targeted email communication, each consultation client was given a standardized exercise one (a basic mirror exercise), and then a personalized exercise two, which was based on prior communications and interests. Each client was allowed to select his or her desired medium for output.

Free Consultations are one-on-one performances between each participant and the Bureau of Self-Recognition. The series is an attempt to access the challenges and boundaries of intimate, ongoing performance that exists both live, and via electronic correspondence. Free Consultations also tests the impact of regular practice, emphasizing consistency rather than quality, on a person’s perceptions of everyday life. The exercises started off as measuring internal relationship (between self and mirror image), then explored the relationship between the self and the external world, and then between the self and other people.

The program was in process from 2011 – 2013. Moore than 25 clients were served, some of whom are still engaging with their assigned exercises.

Work from Free Consultations is featured as part of the Field Notes series on Exit Strata.