Process Dinner is an interactive, live-cooked performance meal. The meal served consists of a one-pot recipe, broken down into its intermediate steps. Guests are asked to enjoy the individual flavors, textures, and sensations of each step of the recipe, almost as if they are tasting as they “go along” with cooking. The process plate holds each featured ingredient in turn; guests are encouraged to interact with these raw materials in any way they like.

Guests are often asked to help with the meal, either by serving elements of the recipe as cooking is in progress, or by offering a taste opinion. The meal is shared partially through the descriptions that each individual guest offers about the bites he or she has received.

Process Dinner was originally developed for the Last Supper Art Festival at 3rd Ward (2010). The first version of the piece emphasized both the individual and communal nature of sharing a meal. The piece was also presented in its original form at 61 Local during Farm City Chautauqua. The documentation photos above are a single set from a Process Dinner for a private donor.