Come Over To Our Place was hosted by Andy Horwitz and Chloë Bass. The work was presented as part of Culturebot’s EPHEMERAL EVIDENCE at Exit Art.

Come Over To Our Place re-created the post-show hang-out as a performance event, bringing together the artists and writers of EPHEMERAL EVIDENCE with other artists, writers, critics and passers-by for food and conversation. Inspired by Lois Weaver’s The Long Table, a formalized performance-discussion as an “experiment in participation and public engagement,” this event contexualized a meal (Process Dinner) as a public forum, encouraging informal conversations on serious topics. The event invited guests to enjoy a dish as its recipe’s component parts: a reminder of the constant making that goes into every art world moment, even the farewell. 

A conversation between Chloë Bass and Andy Horwitz on Culturebot.