The Book of Everyday Instruction is an eight chapter work exploring one-on-one social interaction. The project investigates the particular states of flow, play, and conflict that we experience when interacting with only ourselves and one other. Conceptually, the project is the next step in my creation of performance work for no audience. The majority (if not the entirety) of The Book of Everyday Instruction’s performance aspects will be conducted in “private”: as shared pair activities between artist and participant. These private works will serve as the research platform for more public exhibition elements.

The odd-numbered chapters (1, 3, 5, and 7) are conducted as social practice projects, directly engaging with others; even-numbered chapters (2, 4, 6, and 8) are produced as studio projects. You can visit each individual chapter page to learn more about the project in detail. New chapters will be added gradually as the work develops.

IMG_3850Chapter One: you+me together

An investigation of spending time with others, and how we know when we’re really together. Medium: photo and text diptychs, collected objects, instant photos. Premiered at SPACES (Cleveland, OH), May 2015

Eyebeam in ObjectsChapter Two: Things I’ve seen people do lately

An investigation of the pair-relationship inherent to voyeurism. Are we really a pair if only the voyeur knows that the relationship exists? Medium: video sculpture, monoprints, text-based works, and internet surveillance photo archive. Premiered at Salisbury University (Salisbury, MD), October 2015.

DSC_5784Chapter Three: We walk the world two by two 

An investigation of making a place through shared partnership and labor over time. Medium: bronze-coated aluminum plaques, audio interviews. Permanent public installation in Greensboro, NC, produced by Elsewhere and installed November 2015.

Chapter Four: It’s amazing we don’t have more fightsBass_Image1_OdysseyWorks 

An investigation of how we tell stories through the proximity and distance of two bodies in space. Medium: two publications, bathroom installation, workshops, and film (forthcoming). Premiered at the Museum of Modern Art, April 2016.

IMG_5047Chapter Five: Protect & Preserve

An investigation of the relationship between people and safe spaces. Will premiere at the Pulitzer Art Foundation (St. Louis, MO) in October 2016. Medium: postcard booklet and lecture-performance. Produced with support from the Rema Hort Mann Foundation’s 2016 Artist Community Engagement Grant.