The Book of Everyday Instruction, Chapter Five: Protect & Preserve

Protect & Preserve investigates the paired relationship between a person and a city, particularly focusing on the idea of safety.

I am meeting with St. Louis residents in the place of their choice: a place that feels particularly and importantly safe. During our meetings, we do two things: conduct a photoshoot of the participant in his/her/their safe place; and engage in a brief conversation about safety, focusing on the following questions:

Do you feel safe? Where do you feel safe? If you could talk to someone else about being safe, who would it be? What would you say? How would you talk about it?

These photographs and interviews will become the material for a postcard book, to be released in October as part of the Small Press Expo. The project will premiere alongside a performance-lecture about safety and empathy.

Production time for this project is provided through a residency at the Luminary. The project will premiere at the Pulitzer Foundation. Additional funds provided by an Artist Community Engagement Grant from the Rema Hort Mann Foundation.

Images and other materials to come.