The Book of Everyday Instruction, Chapter Four: It’s amazing we don’t have more fights

It’s amazing we don’t have more fights is focused on the accidental and incidental choreographies created by engaging with other bodies in space. This chapter uses the sociological field of proxemics to investigate forms of storytelling. The chapter’s title (“It’s amazing we don’t have more fights”) is a paraphrase of a quote from my mother about successful social behavior on New York’s subways and buses.

Chapter Four consists of two short publications: A Glossary of Proximity Verbs (Appendix A: Personal), and A Field Guide to Museum Intimacy (Appendix B: Pedagogical), as well as a workshop performance, and an installation in a shared, multi-stall unisex bathroom. There is also a pending series of short films.

The workshop performance for It’s amazing we don’t have more fights premiered at the Museum of Modern Art in April 2016. All materials for this chapter were produced in residence at Lower Manhattan Cultural Council’s Workspace program.