The Book of Everyday Instruction, Chapter One: you+me together

The Book of Everyday Instruction, Chapter One: you + me together is a chronicle of time spent one-on-one. Cleveland residents were invited to spend an afternoon with artist me, engaging in an activity that the participant would normally conduct with a regular partner.
The 16 text and photo-diptychs, 107 instant images, and ephemera that compost Chapter One represent time spent with 16 strangers.  My participants and I shared activities ranging from dog walks, to neon sign returns and cemetery visits. The amount of time they spent together ranged from one to nine hours, and took place at all times of day.

Time spent together is imperfect. There is so much that we miss. Sometimes a great deal that we get wrong. This is one attempt at capture how we know when we’re really together.

you+me together debuted as a solo exhibition at SPACES (Cleveland, OH) in May 2015.