The [Gallery] Walks were presented in conjunction with the [Robert Moses] Walk Project. This series of three walks explored three different public works projects by New York City urban planner Robert Moses: a park, a parking lot, and a parkway. Walkers were treated like museum patrons; all public works were treated as “urban sculptures” and “functional art.” Each walk featured its own reception. The [Gallery] Walks took place in the summer and early autumn of 2010.

Complete [Gallery] Walk scores are available upon request.

Walk #1: Sunset Park Pool Tour

The Sunset Park Pool Tour was an opportunity to explore familiar landscape through the lens of creative practice and endurance architecture. Walkers were asked to engage in various art appreciation activities as they were run briskly through Sunset Park. Ambulatory snacks were provided, as was a concluding hillside picnic that allowed all present to appreciate the park’s the beautiful view of the Manhattan skyline.

Walk #2: RIP Tavern on the Green

Described as a memorial for classic New York restaurant Tavern on the Green (which had recently declared bankruptcy and closed its doors), this walk led “mourners” through a series of funeral rituals in the empty parking lot, culminating in a picnic on the back of a Parks Department flatbed truck.

Walk #3: Highway to Nowhere

This walk took participants through the Bronx, beginning at the West Hill Farms subway station and wandering down to the banks of the Bronx river. The topic of the walk was the tenuous future of both the natural Bronx environment, and the existing public works projects. Eventually, walkers wound up on the side of the Sheridan Expressway, where a picnic lunch was provided.