Traffic Disruption Village is a project created for Flux Factory’s fall 2013 exhibit Untitled (As of Yet), which asked artists to respond to situations of potentially hazardous disruption in order to reveal creative possibility.

The project asks us to consider what we would need to survive under the conditions of a mass stalled auto disaster. In 2010, China experienced a 9 day, 100 km long traffic jam that turned the road into “a collection of rooms”: a temporary village born of disaster. Traffic Disruption Village served as a drill for New Yorkers to prepare for a similar potential disaster phenomenon before it occurs.

In the event of a sustained jam, drivers and passengers will need to work together to create a vivid and user-friendly web of resources for living in gridlock. A public design charrette invited automobile users to envision what their cars could become in order to sustain livability during the disaster. This was followed by a staged drill in a disused parking lot in Astoria, Queens.

As a complete event, Traffic Disruption Village aimed to provide a full and interconnected range of services and activities necessary for temporary human habitation on the road.

Download the Traffic Disruption Village promotional pamphlet. (Print double-sided with short-edge binding; final product is an 8.5″ x 11″ trifold.)